Why Paper Signage is a MUST

For many brides, the list of things they need to accomplish and plan as well as all the small detailed decisions they need to make for their wedding can be extremely overwhelming. The cake, the linens, the lighting, the food. The list goes on. We are here to make sure that the most important items on that list don’t get overlooked.

In over 15 years of experience, one thing that we’ve seen forgotten over and over again is signage. At first glance, signage may seem insignificant, however, it can make or break your guests’ wedding experience.

Signage not only reinforces the look and feel of your wedding but also helps your guests navigate your wedding. These are the signs and printwork that we recommend each bride has at her wedding:

Escort Cards. Most brides do use escort cards, but for the few who consider skipping them – don’t! The effort of placing each guest at a table is well worth it for the peace and ease it brings to your reception. Trust us when we say, you’ll be glad you used them.

Ceremony, Cocktail Hour & Reception signs. For all but the occasional bride who has all events in one space, these signs can help give your guests a sense of direction and peace at your wedding. If you want your guests to feel relaxed and enjoy your special day, make it easy for them to find each event. No one wants to feel flustered by being lost and potentially late for a Ceremony.

Bar signs. These may seem redundant as most guests know what a bar looks like, but trust us when we say you will love the bar signs in your wedding photos. While you can dress up a bar and customize it to really communicate the theme of your wedding, the easiest way to do this is to have signage that matches the rest of your wedding signage and print work at the bar.

Gift and Wedding Book table. You spent months and hours on end planning a beautiful wedding for your family and close friends to enjoy. Include a sign for the gift/favor table and for your wedding book so that your guests don’t leave without a favor and so you can remember which guests came by looking at your guest book.

While some of these things may seem unimportant, we are certain that you will be thrilled that you included them when you look back on your wedding day!