Welcome Gift Ideas

Weddings are a momentous occasion, and while the bride and groom and their family spend a lot on ensuring the event goes just as they’ve envisioned, many guests end up spending a lot of time and money to be there to celebrate with you. Especially in the case of out-of-town-guests, we find that welcome gifts can be a thoughtful way to say “thank you” to those guests that have potentially sacrificed a lot to be at your big day.

Here are some elements that we feel make up a great Wedding Welcome Gift:

Get a welcome bag or box for your guests. More often than not, we see and recommend welcome bags or boxes as they can hold all the goodies you want to give to your guests and they also function as storage so your guests can continue to use them and remember your wedding day fondly. This idea is great because both a bride with a wide budget and a more budget conscious bride can make this work. You can get a monogrammed bag for your guests with your initials or hashtag on it for example or you can stick to a more simple gift box idea.

Include toiletries. If your guests are coming from far and wide to be at your wedding, they will most likely be a little tired and need to freshen up before all the wedding activities begin. Include your favorite scents of soaps and lotions in their welcome gift.

Nothings says “I appreciate you” like snacks. If you are anything like us, getting a snack after hours of traveling brings so much energy and comfort. Include a small snack for your guests in your welcome gift. This can be really fun as you can show your personality as a couple – give your guests one of your favorite snacks or a snack that has a fun story about the two of you attached to it.

Include directions to some of your favorite places to eat or places to visit. Allow  your guests to experience some of your favorite activities or local restaurants and show them why you fell in love with your area. Is there local trails or hiking? A great restaurant or bar? Great shopping? Giving your guests a list of places to go will make them feel cared for, even if you can’t give each and every one of them individual recommendations.

Add something fun and practical that they can use at the wedding. Is your ceremony outside? Include a pair of sunglasses or a fan they can use when sitting in the sun. Is it going to be chilly? Include a pashmina so your guests can stay warm. Is the wedding on grass? include a pair of flip flops for dancing or a pair of heel stoppers so your guests can wear their favorite heels and not worry about where your wedding will be!

Add something personal that showcases the two of you as a couple. We love when couples add something personal or funny that really showcases their personality or style. Do you and your fiancé love to cook? Add a blend of spices or blend of oil with your names and wedding date on the label. Do you love a specific candle? give your guests one with a customized tin. The opportunities are endless!

We hope this has helped you come up with great ideas for your Welcome Gifts! Let us know if you have anything fun you are going to include in your welcome gifts in the comments below!

Photographs by Paul Barnett Photography.