Wedding Day Hair Tips

Every woman dreams of looking beautiful on their wedding day – having the perfect dress, a flawless face and a beautiful hair style. And as the experts say, the hair frames the face. Having a beautiful hairstyle that meets and exceeds your expectations will allow you to feel beautiful and look back on your photos without regrets. Here’s some of our tips:

Tip #1 TRIAL, TRIAL, TRIAL. No matter how much you trust your hairstylist, do not make the mistake of foregoing a hair trial. Not only will you get to see first hand what the hairstyle will look and feel like, you will also get to see how your stylist works, about how long it takes, etc. There’s nothing worse than finding out your dream hairstyle will not work the morning of your wedding.

Tip #2 Examples. Show your stylists a few examples of styles that you like. You can look at our Pinterest Board for Hair Inspiration for some ideas. Keep in mind that the photos you bring will just be an example of what you want. Even if you envision a hairstyle that isn’t exactly like the photo, having multiple photos to demonstrate different aspects of your look as a whole will really help your stylist.

Tip #3 Get a friend’s opinion, and not just the friend who will say you look good when you don’t. Get a friend who will give you the honest truth. Sometimes an extra opinion can help you decide what you will really love on your wedding day.

Tip #4 Take photos of your trial hair. Make sure that you love your hair both in person and in photos. Check that you love the front view, profile and back view of your hair. You want to be in love with every angle of your hair on your big day!

Tip #5 Don’t change your hair drastically right before your wedding. We’ve heard many stories of brides who wanted to try something new for their wedding and regretted it deeply. If you are planning on getting a cut and color, do it at least two weeks before the wedding, so it is still fresh. If you are doing a drastic change, get it done a month before the wedding and get it touched up a couple weeks before.

We hope these tips will help you achieve amazing hair on your wedding day!

Photography by Chard Photography, Paul Barnett and Bryan Miller Photography