How to add a personal touch to your wedding

Every couple wants to personalize their wedding and have every detail of their dreams. There are many different ways to make your wedding feel like your wedding and not just another beautiful event.

Choose food you love. One really fun way to personalize your wedding is to choose a menu that reflects what you and your fiancé enjoy. Some couples opt for the traditional plated meal while others select a family style entree and sides or food stations to create more of a mingling atmosphere. An assortment of mini desserts is a fun treat and cover a variety of ‘tastes’ in addition to the traditional wedding cake.

Music. The beauty of music is each and every one of us have such specific personal preferences in what we listen to. Forego traditional music for your ceremony or reception and choose something that demonstrates what you and your fiancé love.

Give a thoughtful gift to your guests. Choose something that you really enjoy and include it in your wedding favors. For example, a candle with your favorite scent, a small bottle of your favorite alcohol or even your favorite snack with a note for your guests to enjoy on the drive home.

Personalize your escort cards. Do you and your fiancé love a certain sport? Do you enjoy a certain hobby together or maybe a favorite vacation destination? Incorporate it into your escort cards or decor. Even the smallest personal touch can showcase your personality in a beautiful way to your guests.

Personalize your decor. One of the greatest ways you can add a personal touch to your wedding is by incorporating your personal style into the decor. Choose flowers and pieces that accentuate your personal style and preference. There are endless decor items that you can personalize: the aisle runner, cake, flowers, a photobooth, etc.

You can make your wedding everything you want and have your guests see you and your fiancé’s personal touch in every aspect of your special day!