Adjusting to Change

I can still remember the first two weddings I ever did. My mom, being such a good sport, waded out into the middle of the pool to place floating flowers. We’ve come a long way since then! 

I can remember being honored and amazed at seeing my weddings featured in various magazines (blogs weren’t a thing then) and beginning to capture my ideal client. 

Then 2008 came along and the economy crashed. People weren’t spending nearly what they were on weddings in the past. It felt like my job was somewhat non-existent. It was a hard time. I was barely making it, but now I look back and realize I did make it. I’ve asked myself this question many times, “Why did I make it when so many others didn’t.” 

One of the words that came to mind was resilience. Which means the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. 

In today’s crisis, I first found myself putting up a fight, resisting but I quickly realized I had to give into this, that I couldn’t control the circumstances, but I could choose what I do and how I react. 

During this uncertain time, what will you choose? How will you come out in the end? Will you fight and push against it or will you bend, adjust and make changes?

This powerful choice is yours!