The ultimate in romance, Kevin proposed to Kelsey in the midst of a huge candlelit heart on a sandy beach. We were thrilled when Kelsey invited us to help her plan her unique wedding in gorgeous plums and moss greens. Estancia La Jolla was the perfect venue to create their magical evening.  The couple was married under a beautiful hydrangea-drenched grapevine canopy in the Estancia garden. As we partnered with Jan, mother of the bride, every detail was designed and completed. From glowing balls of woven lights to a ceiling draped in creamy soft fabric, each element added to the natural ambience.  We knew the guests would arrive thirsty on this warm summer day, so we created a festive purple drink, decorated with a candied purple fruit slice and playful straw. Leaf name cards and table numbers enriched the woodsy, yet elegant theme.  The perfect, refreshing touch to a lovely summer wedding, Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt was the couple’s dessert choice for their guests, with a small, marzipan-leafed cake for the traditional cake cutting ceremony.  Creative photography by Candice of Mark Brooke Photography.